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Is Walnut A Native Irish Hardwood

Is Walnut A Native Irish Hardwood

Narrow-leaved ash is unsuitable for forestry in Ireland. Although other ash species produce similar timber, the common ash is most extensively used for the production of high value timber in Ireland. Ash is a ring-porous wood with pronounced grain, resembling oak but without the broad rays characteristic of that genus.
A section of Walnut, plain sawn, planed but not polished. [Please note, the Irish penny is 16mm in diameter.] Walnut was not a native species in Britain although the nuts had been imported from as far back as Roman times when they came from Gaul and Italy.

The Native Irish timber furniture available from Corbett's includes; Irish oak furniture, Irish handmade hardwood furniture, Irish walnut furniture, Irish timber .
Kiln Dried Hardwoods was set up almost ten years ago by David Brabazon and Neil Willis. The original idea was to supply native hardwood planks to the wood .
For Sale in Meath: Irish grown hardwood timber we specialise in counter tops,. yew, spalted beech, cherry, Spanish chestnut, walnut Natural edge Wany edge .
including walnut and some tropical timbers (McCracken 1964). The trend of. . softwood) per annum, the relatively small scale of native hardwood conversion .

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